Unitech’s Story

Unitech was incorporated in 2003 to focus on providing specialised lightning audit services in strict compliance to Singapore lightning protection code of practice. Since its inception, Unitech has grown from strength to strength and continues to offer innovative solutions in the lightning protection industry. Unitech’s scope of services include lightning audits, product maintenance, system and solutions installation and professional consultancy.

From a one man operation, Unitech has now established itself as the leading provider of lightning audit to major clients in the aerospace, commercial, industrial, petrochemical and oil and gas sectors, amongst others. Our diverse client portfolio is the testament of our commitment and passion to deliver total lightning protection services in the most critical moments of a lightning strike. Our growth is the result of consistent delivery of lightning protection solutions and services that meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Our Industry Portfolio

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Unitech is staffed by professionals who are expertly trained and qualified to provide exacting standards of service that are required to service discerning customers. Unitech is committed to protecting your assets, data and most importantly lives in the face of nature’s awesome wrath!

Unitech Pte Ltd

The Lightning Safety Specialists
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