At Unitech Pte Ltd, we have gained vast experience through working with our clients in providing them our expertise and services and are proud to say that our goals and objectives in the area of lightning safety are aligned with theirs – to create a safe working environment – even on rainy and thunderstorm days!


  • We strive to serve our customers diligently responsibly and swiftly in all their lightning matters. Unitech is a total service provider in all aspects of Lightning Protection, Surge Protection and Earthing Solutions.
  • We ensure your site’s lightning compliance to SS 555 Part 1 to 4: 2010 lightning code of practice and SS551:2009 earthing standard to enhance the SAFETY of personnel, structures & equipments.
  • We propose to integrate our lightning audits into your yearly plant shutdowns and maintenance.

Our Core Competencies

Design and Implementation of Lightning Protection Solutions

All Unitech’s staff are qualified and in full compliance to the guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of Manpower.

Surge Protection Investigative Analysis


Overcome down-time, productivity loss as well as data corruption.

Annual Lightning Maintenance Programs

From analysis to testing and data collection, to reports and recommendations.

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Site Analysis


  • Investigate, analyze, update and testing of entire lightning protection system on site to determine its wear and tear, construction type, mechanical and electrical condition status.
  • Determine the protection level and location of all lightning air termination networks, down conductors, earth terminations and integrate it into new or existing lightning autocad drawings.
  • Determine the solutions to your lightning problems and present corrective actions.

Unitech Pte Ltd

The Lightning Safety Specialists
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