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All Unitech project staff undergo the requisite training programs in worksite safety to achieve full compliance to Ministry of Manpower and customers strict worksite health and safety requirements. This is our commitment and passion to provide quality service and consultation to our esteemex clients.

When you engage Unitech’s services, you are assured of an uncompromising team of dedicated and trained specialists working to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to your lightning protection needs.

Design & Implementation


Code of Practice for the protection of structures against lightning have been with us for many years – the first published as CP33 as long ago as 1985. Since that date, the standard had been revised once in 1996, with further amendments in 1999. The current standard in force being SS 555: 2010 Part 1 to 4: Code of Practice for protection against lightning:

  • SS 555: Part 1: 2010 – General principles
  • SS 555: Part 2: 2010 – Risk management
  • SS 555: Part 3: 2010 – Physical damage to structures and life hazard
  • SS 555: Part 4: 2010 – Electrical and electronic systems within structures

Some fundamental changes are embodied in this latest Code due largely to a more scientific approach, and an ever increasing knowledge of lightning theory. The use of advanced electronic equipment has also enabled a more accurate collection and analysis of the parameters of lightning. This in turn has been used to define more precisely when and where lightning protection will be required.

Despite ever improving national and international standards, fatalities and costly damage still occurs, often through a complete lack of understanding, or disregard of the principles behind modern lightning protection theory and practice.

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Our team of expert engineers undertake detailed inspection and testing of existing earthing and lightning protection systems. Following the test, in addition to your test certificate, you will also receive a comprehensive report on the condition of the system with our recommendations for repairs or upgrades where necessary to restore it to a compliant condition.

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